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Verbena Blanca Herbal Tea

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Verbena Blanca, usually used as Verbena Blanca Tea, is an ornamental plant prized by herbalists and often found growing in wild unkempt lands. General well-being and health, antimicrobial and anti-convulsion. Used historically to ward off bad spirits and traumas.

Dosage and Preparation

Bring 700ml filtered water in a stainless steel pan to a boil.

2 tablespoons of the root and let steep for 10 minutes. Roots can be left in the pan and reused 2-3 times over 2 days, with strength increasing as the leaves break down.


  • Verbena officinalis
  • Common vervain
  • Common verbena
  • Echtes Eisenkraut
  • IJzerhard
  • Læge-Jernurt
  • Železník lekársky
  • Rohtorautayrtti

Medicinal Component

Essential oils include:

  • Verbenalóside
  • Verbenalol
  • Verbenalina
  • Verbenanine
  • Hastatoside

Scientifically Studied Medicinal Effects: PMID: 32937665

  • Antioxidant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Neuroprotective
  • Anticancer
  • Analgesic
  • Anticonvulsant

Further Studies at the NCBI referenced and with listed medicinal benefits of Verbena Blanca

1. Antidepressant Activity of Verbena Blanca Extracts: A Preclinical Study in Mice: PMC6437514

2. Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Verbena Blanca: A Clinical Trial: PMC7322545

3. Antioxidative and Antimicrobial Activity of Verbena Blanca Essential Oil: PMC6392699

4. A Novel Extract of Verbena Blanca Enhances the Anti-Tumor Activity of Paclitaxel: PMC6039196

5. Immunomodulatory Effects of Verbena Blanca Extract in Vitro: PMC6410044

Indigenous Historical Uses

Historically used in Europe to ward off internal spirits and for a wide variety of health complaints worldwide.

Side effects

Not to be used by pregnant women. Can slow the heart and blood pressure.


Found fame as a herb horses find a strong odor. Used as a potent fragrance and for general health and well-being.


Found throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Grows particularly well in uncultivated land, needing some humidity, and is often found on roadsides.


A lanky-leaved plant that can grow up to 1 meter.

Why drink Verbena Blanca tea?

Verbena Blanca tea is a light and refreshing herbal tea that can be enjoyed both hot and iced. It has a delicate citrus flavor and a variety of health benefits. It can help to improve digestion, reduce stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, and aid in weight loss. Verbena Blanca tea also contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that can help protect against disease.

The tea also helps to improve sleep quality and increase energy levels, making it a great choice for those with insomnia or fatigue. Additionally, Verbena Blanca tea has been known to relieve headaches, reduce menstrual cramps, and combat cold and flu symptoms. With its many health benefits, it is no wonder that Verbena Blanca tea is becoming a popular choice among tea lovers.

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Verbena Blanca


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